Our Rise

We started Fenix Coffee Company in 2020 as a direct response to the infamous year that changed the world, the year we all experienced together as a human raceBrewing up new ways to live, to appreciate, and to go about the day-to-day, we decided to take what 2020 had taught us and RISE. 



Our cues come from the Phoenix itself, a legend reborn from the ashes, or grounds we should sayIn our case, this journey led us to reignite coffee and what it actually means in people’s livesOur vision is to help all those coffee rebels out there remember why they started drinking it in the first place, breaking the routine of coffee as simply a mundane addition to the grind. 

We want to get back to the legendary power a full mug of fresh brew hasOf course, it keeps you fresh and sprightly, but it’s not that simpleIt’s about what you do after that first sip that makes it an experience all in itselfOur blends are for early morning struggles, best friend catch-ups, first date social crutches, campfire stories, late-night family chats around the dinner table, and everything in between…everything that makes us human and everything that brings us together.  

We believe filters are for coffee, so we’re doing it differentlyJoin us in rising up against the grind and become the legend in your own life.