The best coffee I've ever drank!

Bonfire Blend Medium Roast.  The best coffee I’ve ever drank!  I’ve tried all the other brands and nothing else compares!  Can’t wait to have my Fenix Coffee in Indiana every morning. Well done!

Kyle B. | Napoleon, IN

This is a great brew!

“I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bag of Fenix Coffee Company’s Bonfire Blend Medium Roast.  Man, I must have sold under a lucky star because this is a great brew!  The grind is perfect, the smell amazing, and what a cup of joe!  I’m a wine drinker so forgive me but this coffee has paired well with every breakfast item I have tried!  I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer!!  Thanks Fenix Coffee Company for a worthy entry into the coffee market!!!

-Henry W. | Phoenix AZ

Sweet yet bold

After trying the Bonfire Blend medium roast coffee, I must say it instantly gives you a rich, sweet yet bold flavor to your taste buds. Every drink is so smooth, making me crave the next cup. Overall great fresh tasting coffee! 

Armando C. | Arizona

The 1st thoughts processed in the morning that seem to make the most sense...

When I need to focus, and get my brain going. I pour myself a cup and relax as the aroma fills my senses with a sense of calm soothing arabica beans in my cup... Mmm...

- Anonymous Bean Lover -

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